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Arab Women’s legal Network

Amman – Abdoun, Al Kuthban street Villa 2

Tel: +962 6 593 7367  / +962 6 5921823

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Our Expertise  includes but is not  limited to:

  • AWLN is the only entity in Jordan and the Arab world which unites Arab female legal professionals (Judges, lawyers, academics, etc.) under one organization with joint goals and a unified vision. Furthermore, AWLN is the only entity in Jordan which the Jordanian Judicial Council permit female judges to join. Since judges may not join any organization other than the judiciary, this has led to male judges in many countries requesting permission to join AWLN. It is also the only entity which allows legal professionals to exchange experiences and expertise, and provides a space for them to hold discussions, dialogue and roundtable meetings in order to benefit from the exchange of resources, knowledge and skills in their areas of specialty.
  • AWLN has established strong relationships with government stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Justice, the Judicial Council, the Bar Association, the Ministry of Labor, and the Ministry of Social Development, etc., which allows AWLN to be an influential entity within the legal sector and on the judicial body.
  • AWLN has strong connections to semi-governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations and community service organizations including, but not limited to, the National Council for Family Affairs, the National Center for Human Rights (NCHR), and the National Committee for Women’s Affairs. Working with these stakeholders who might be opponents at some point, paved the way for AWLN to be at the forefront of making the justice system work for justice and for women.
  • AWLN has extensive experience in advocacy, training, and capacity building for legal women. It has established a relationship of trust with female legal professionals and proved itself capable of delivering training sessions of high quality and unique material; as demonstrated through its training sessions mentioned above. It also has wide experience in projects focused on attitude change and providing access to justice obtained through working with legal professionals on other projects with similar aims, such as the Advocacy for Woman’s Right to Inheritance Campaign, Access to Justice for Women Campaign, and the Enhancing Judicial Capacities of Newly Appointed Judges through Mentoring and Awareness Raising Sessions Project. It has been a leader in successful interventions in multiple legal environments, showing that it is possible to engage with varied legal systems while simultaneously supporting local cultures, traditions and practices.
  • AWLN has also organized law reform efforts and strategic lobbying that have transformed the landscape for women’s rights nationally and regionally. These lobbying efforts – including those focusing on violence against women, citizenship, and inheritance – have resulted in enforcing or clarifying pre-existing, challenging laws that should be repealed, and creating new calls to fill the legislative loopholes.
  • Since its initiation, ALWN has facilitated dialogue and built connections between its members and governmental entities to conceive, co-ordinate, and implement initiatives and national strategies. In the process, it has developed a large contact base within the human rights and development fields in Jordan and in the region, one which it can utilize and employ for future rights and governance projects.
  • AWLN’s recognition of current perspectives within the legal sector has led AWLN to employ its legal experiences, skills, networks, and members’ passion to widen perspectives and understandings within the sector, provide actors with current and relevant legal information, as well as lead gender-balanced capacity building initiatives within the legal sector, between all of its different stakeholders.
  • Finally, AWLN’s solid experience in Human Rights’ International Conventions and their impact on national legislation, coupled with its extensive expertise in changing attitudes and perspectives within the legal sector, act as powerful instruments, which allow it to add significant value to its potential future projects.