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Legal status

Arab Women’s legal network was established in 2005 and registered by the Ministry of Interior and by the Ministry of Social Development as a society in accordance with the Jordanian societies’ law. The Network headquarter is in Jordan, however, it is entitled to have other branches inside or outside Jordan.


Arab women’s legal network is a regional non-governmental and non-profit organization, aims at promoting Arab women working in legal professions through facilitating the meeting of the Arab women Legal practitioners, providing a platform to exchange expertise and experiences as well as to discuss common challenges and issues. In addition, the Network provides specialized trainings and professional development programs which aim at raising the legal awareness in general and enhancing the professional capacities of Arab legal women in a way that enables them to efficiently participate in their societies.

The idea of establishing AWLN was born in February 2004 by a meeting for a group of women working in legal professions representing 16 Arab countries, where they met in Jordan to discuss challenges facing women in the legal field and the legal rights of women in general.

And from that conference a steering committee was formed composed of 15 members concerned with strategic planning process to develop AWLN’s goals and structure, and which was registered on July 10, 2005 as a regional nonprofit society with its headquarter in Jordan.

Launching the Arab Women’s Legal Network was officially announced on July 16, 2005 under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, where more than ninety ladies gathered from sixteen Arab countries (Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen) in Amman, Jordan during the annual meeting and the first training program of the network. The program which was held under the title “female legal pioneers” included eleven seminars and workshops regarding a number of legal topics and skills. The meeting provided the opportunity for participants to interact with their peers in the region.

The message:

 To Provide a constant platform for Arab women working in the legal fields, academics, judges, lawyers, legal consultants and researchers to exchange expertise and experiences and discussing common issues. In addition, forming groups to advocate for women issues with a unified and comprehensive vision regarding what is relevant to Arab women’s situation in all Arab countries, but taking into consideration the different level of achievements of each country especially from legal perspective.


The network looks forward to be a regional leader organization that facilitates the advancement of Arab women working in the legal field.


  1. Developing the capacities of Arab women working in the legal professions and increasing their legal knowledge.
  2. Developing cooperation among women working in legal professions.
  3. Supporting next generations of women working in legal professions.
  4. Raising the awareness on women’s rights and advocating for women’s causes at all levels.
  5. Strengthening women’s position in legal professions through networking, lobbying and exchange of expertise between women, as well as through providing a forum to discuss and support women’s issues.
  6. Supporting activities that aim at ensuring women’s rights and underprivileged people through international conventions and national laws.
  7. Participating in fields of legal development and legal reform at the national and regional levels, as well as strengthening the rule of law in Arab countries.


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