Arab Women’s Legal Network’s Activities

Arab Women’s Legal Network’s Activities

AWLN’s activities are centered on five key areas aimed at fulfilling the vision of AWLN:

  • Professional Development and Training Programs: AWLN implements programs at multiple locations throughout Jordan and the Arab World. These cover a broad range of topics and practice areas so as to appeal to all AWLN members.
    Mentoring Program: This program aims to match newly qualified female legal professionals seeking guidance in their careers, with experienced members of the profession. Matches are made based on interest, location and any other criteria the program participants may state.
  • Women’s Advocacy: AWLN aims to support women’s rights advocacy campaigns by partnering with women’s rights groups and supporting them by engaging with them in the network’s professional development programs, publications, social networking platforms and website.
  • Legal Studies and Guide Books: AWLN undertakes studies and reviews, in addition to devising legal manuals, bench books, and procedural manuals to support and advance the legal sector. AWLN promotes Best Practice standards by tackling gaps in the justice sector, focusing on the requirement for changing attitudes and trends in both the legal sector and the community in general. Procedural Manuals resulting from AWLN studies include the Fair Trial Standards and Observation Guide Book, The Legal Drafting Guide for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Women’s Right to Litigation Bench Book.
  • Publications: AWLN aims to enrich the knowledge of Arab legal scholars by publishing articles on current legal issues, essays, and book reviews on its website and on its social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Arab Women’s Legal Network’s training programs: 

AWLN conducts many training workshops to empower and enhance the abilities of all female legal practitioners in relevant fields, by enhancing their legislative skills and widening their knowledge base. The following lists some of the AWLN training programs from which legal practitioners have benefitted:

  • Law Practice Management
  • International Perspectives on Equality and Jurisprudence
  • Improving Court Transparency
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Due Process and Access to Justice
  • Developing Women Judicial Leaders
  • Public Presentation Skills
  • Legislative Drafting
  • Fair trial standards and their monitoring mechanisms
  • Advocacy, Lobbying, and Networking Skills
  • CEDAW – Holding States Accountable – Reporting Methodology and Practice
  • Women’s Nationality Rights
  • Domestic Violence and Family Disputes
  • Violence against Women
  • Women’s Economic Empowerment
  • Women’s Legal Rights, Public Legal Education, Training of Trainers
  • Mediation.
  • Anti-corruption mechanisms
  • Prevention of Money Laundering
  • E-Commerce and Intellectual Property

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